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Learning To Finish

It’s a matter of accepting yourself, completing something is.
And I don’t tend to. Not in an artistic sense.
And it’s a matter of no longer protecting your beautiful idea from the world.
Do you want the world to see your beautiful idea?
Then at some point you’ve got to let it.

Patreon has helped me love the deadline again, even as I lag behind them one after another. My beautiful ideas line up, shoving and jostling as before, but I’m more able to tell the bigger ones to sit down, more able to give the smaller ones a careful once-over (twice over, three times over up all night revising and adding sections and tweaking the layout) and let them go.

I’ve been struggling with this perfectionism for a very long time, and I’ve come incredibly far. Instead of resting here, though, at this lesser plateau, I’m continuing up the mountain. Wait for me at the next switchback if you want to chat about the maximum creative output that can be managed in a month, because I’m forming theories. Perhaps the more you let go, the more you can carry?

Like I said, just a theory.

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