This is a ridiculous hipster sex comedy dice / story / party game. You don’t know how to play? I’ve known for a while now, like, since before it was cool. It’s a turn based monologuing players-roll-dice-against-one-another and add-to-their-character’s-appearance-and-hobbies-while-describing-what-they-did-today kinda game. No biggie.

For 3 – 5 players.
Plays in 1 – 2 hours.
You’ll like it if you like making fun of hipsters, things that hipsters like, joking about sex, talking about sex, rolling dice and making up weirdly specific things.
16 page booklet, 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/4.
Featuring, as cover art, a photo of Jackson taken by Megann and manipulated digitally by Jackson.
And, furthermore, illustrations selected by Jackson from the depths of the interwebs.

“So good! I felt like we were all brilliant comedians, and it skirted the line between the zones of OMG that’s ridiculous and Hey, that’s…that’s actually pretty cool and I want to be that.

-Hans Otterson, tabletop game writer, and reviewer for We Are Lost In Play.

This is a game about flighty, self-obsessed, over-indulged douche bags hooking up with one another night after night at a bar where they hang out. They’re in their twenties and thirties, annoyingly hott, and really really into their individual internal monologues that they tell themselves about themselves. You play one of them for a few days. Maybe you’ll even hook up with the singer of that band that everybody’s talking about. Oh, you don’t know that band? Well, they’re pretty alright. I mean, their early stuff was better.
The booklet is available as a part of Batshit Collection “Baguette” (three booklets: Slammin’, Tower of Hats, Superhero; one micro fold-out Slammin Token Master’s Guide; and eight tiny Slammin’ character sheets) for $12 plus shipping.

Price: $12.00

You can also purchase “Baguette” alongside its, like, bff collection “Duet” in the store and save a few on shipping.

But wait! Learn about:
The Slammin’ Token Master’s Guide!
This is a supplement to Slammin’, which is a game about hipster douchebags. You probably haven’t heard of it. The Token Master’s Guide includes some essays on how to make your game pop more, an alternate setting for the game, and a mini poster. It comes packaged with some character sheets.

This is for people who have played or are going to play Slammin’.
You can play it inside your game of Slammin’, like a… thing inside another thing. You’ll like the Slammin’ Token Master’s Guide if you like things that are in addition to other things, carrying jokes farther than they maybe need to go, essays, mini-posters.
16 panel micro fold-out, 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/4.
Featuring photography by Andrew Ebright as manipulated by Jackson Tegu,
and a vector image that I paint bucketed a lot. Actually the paint bucket was very useful throughout.
More Details: Blabbity blab, the hipster fanbook or whatever. This is another product on the esteemed Slammin’ supplement treadmill, where we keep churning out more weird and only tangentially related crap for your game table. Have a lot of extra money lying around in stacks? Tired of paying the rent on time? You can totally buy this thing that we’re only too happy to sell you. Can you play Slammin’ without it? We do, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Order now, press the buy button now.

Batshit Collection “Baguette”, same as above.

Price: $12.00

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