This is a roleplaying game with all of the sides blown off. It’s an over-the-top ignore-physics pseudo-gritty modern rampage, where you and a friend imagine the hero’s exploits together while using prompts from the book.

Around 2 players.
Plays in 5 minutes to an hour.
You’ll like it if you like gritty guys with guns and cars who don’t care about rules.
16 page booklet, 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/4.
Featuring cover art by John Harper,
and illustrations by Jackson Tegu.
The camera is mounted on the front of the car, trained just on the driver’s seat. And in that seat there’s our man, cigarette unlit on his lip, we can tell the car is in the air because the outcropping of skyline slowly corkscrews in the background red with flame or dawn and his hair lurches with the changing gravity and he’s lighting that smoke as the car rolls completely and the rain of guns, of clips and loose bullets sloughs up from the floor, falling past him to the roof, his eyes straight forward, sucking in that sweet smoke –

“Take every bad-ass action-movie trope, ever, and attach them to the brains of yourself and the friends playing with you with coaxial cables made from lightning, and add in a bunch of high-fives. THAT is Superhero.”

-Michael Wight, game designer and visual artist.

“You know that game, The Game, the one you lose as soon as you remember? Superhero is like that, except you’re winning, and once you’ve played it you’re never alone.”

-Brendan Adkins, identity artist and writer.

The booklet is available as a part of Batshit Collection “Baguette” (three booklets: Slammin’, Tower of Hats, Superhero; one micro fold-out Slammin Token Master’s Guide; and eight tiny Slammin’ character sheets) for $12 plus shipping.

Price: $12.00

You can also purchase “Baguette” alongside its sidekick small games collection “Duet” in the store and save a slim wad on shipping.

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