Tower of Hats

Tower of Hats

Billed as a “tabletop role upon role playing game”, Tower of Hats is an homage to the internal world and the struggle to represent a character with precision and honesty – while exploring a dungeon and collecting coins and fighting skeletons.

For one GM and 2-8 players.
Opens up after 3 hours.
You’ll like it if you like Dungeons and Dragons, The Stanford Prison Experiment, psychological investigation, lonely fun.
16 page booklet, 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/4.
Featuring lush illustrations by Arielle Wortman,
and cover art by Jackson Tegu.
From the introduction:
The GM describes a familiar fantasy setting, one where the monsters are bad and the heroes are good and surprising things don’t happen. The goal of the GM is to facilitate the inward-turned state of the players. Speak with a calm voice. Start in a run-of-the-mill cavern and include the expected monsters and coins.
The booklet is available as a part of Batshit Collection “Baguette” (three booklets: Slammin’, Tower of Hats, Superhero; one micro fold-out Slammin Token Master’s Guide; and eight tiny Slammin’ character sheets) for $12 plus shipping.

Price: $12.00

You can also purchase “Baguette” alongside the other members of its party, known familiarly as the collection “Duet,” in the store and save a couple of coins on shipping.

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