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Late September Update

Well, let’s see.

1. I’ve been lowkey overhauling this website for a few months now, and I’m glad to unveil it. Hopeful it’ll work as expected. New territory for me! Fingers crossed.

2. The Monsterhearts Second Skins, my 7 Skin expansion to Monsterhearts 2 and Monsterhearts, is as of this writing available to the public. The first of several Monsterhearts products to come from that years-ago crowdfunding campaign, I look forward to completing the rest of that material for backers and the public alike.

3. I’ve got a backlog of games funded by my patrons via Patreon to release as pdfs, so I’ll be releasing some of my favorites to the public over the next while. How do Wednesdays sound? I’ve got a release calendar at Patreon Treasures.


Thanks for checking out my new site!
My blog’s kinda a mess, got half a travelogue, a bunch of poetic insights and some half-baked advice. Lotsa notes for the rest of the travelogue but kept opting to sleep for 3-5 hours rather than type it out. Silly, I know. Maybe we’ll see it someday. Hey! Maybe I’ll update this blog more frequently! Only one way to find out…

Be brave,