How we are like the storm

How we are like the storm.

For two players: a map game, a story game. It’s been ten years – two characters cross a vast distance from opposite sides, heading towards one another again. As they travel, the players take turns painting details and icons representing the landscapes, perhaps both internal and external, onto one another’s forearms.

Best played by people who’re happy or neutral about touching one another’s hands through much of play, and feel similarly about painting on one another as well.

Learn the rules as you play, reading along in the book.

“Holy heck Jackson Tegu!!! How I Like: How We Are Like the Storm!”

-Noam Rosen, musician and celebrated Game Master.

2 players.
Plays in 1-3 hours.
You’ll like it if you like right-brain/left-brain exercises, epic time-spanning relationships, painting on your friends, careful storytelling, games that explore new ways of interacting.

14 pages 8.5 x 11
Includes a small color photoset of actual play pictograms as an example.

Download the PDF for $5.

Price: $5.00

Your How we are like the storm download is accessible from the receipt page after you purchase (link at the bottom of that page) or from the non-paypal email receipt (link at the bottom of that email) that may wind up in your spam folder. Please allow 28 minutes for delivery.

I hold a stitch-bound printout of How we are like the storm briefly in this video.

How we are like the storm was made possible by my fine patrons via Patreon. More details on my Patreon page.

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