Gather 3-5 players, set aside 2 hours, and make up an unwatchable “foreign” film using a pile of index cards and your crazy brains!

Use this step-by-step guide to guffaw your group through non-chronologically remembering a wildly bizarre movie that you apparently just watched together! On each player’s turn they write a part or moment into the movie (oh, I mean remember a part or moment of the movie they saw, pardon me) and insert it anywhere into the timeline you’re collaboratively creating!

“Sometimes I like playing Kaleidoscope more than watching movies because sometimes Kaleidoscope is like playing with Steven Spielberg blindfolded.”

-Sean Canning, actor and accordionist.

Kaleidoscope, a thorough stand-alone hack of Ben Robbin’s celebrated Microscope: a fractal role-playing game of epic histories, has been simmering on my back-burner for a couple of years. I want to share the laughs! Through these years Kaleidoscope has been streamlined and made more silly, seen play in numerous conventions up and down the west coast of North America and many living rooms and several cafes, receiving amused or (on one occasion) unamused looks from folks at neighboring tables, and eliciting many decibels of laughter from its players.

“Creating a fake movie by reminiscing about it is like a magic trick in your mind.
Sent from my iPhone.”

-Thanin Winterthorn, artist and Olympia Storygamer.

For 3-5 players.
Plays in about 2 hours.
You’ll like it if you like imagining weird movies, quipping and joking, the mechanics of the game Microscope pared down to the speed of comedy.

14 page (11×8.5) full color PDF.
Featuring cover art and layout by Jackson Tegu,
and photographs of index cards by Orion Canning.

No specialized roles or game master, no competition or winning, oodles of replay value, tons of opportunities to riff off of your genius friends and let what seems to you the most obvious answer show your friends what a genius you are.

Download the PDF for $8.

Price: $8.00

Your Kaleidoscope download is accessible from the receipt page after you purchase (link at the bottom of that page) or from the non-paypal email receipt (link at the bottom of that email) that may wind up in your spam folder. Please allow 28 minutes for delivery.


Some of my psychic fans are asking about my barely-mentioned-aloud Kaleidoscope Masterclass cards and how they’ll be used with the standard Kaleidoscope game.

Great question, psychics! The initial set has two rules modifications – firstly, in a process called seeding, your group can incorporate a Kaleidoscope Masterclass card into your setup procedure, using the card as an extension of the recommendation or replacement for the Lead List and having it thus shape the whole of your story. Alternately your group could opt to randomly replace a colourful card in the playstack with a Kaleidoscope Masterclass card and use it as it is drawn. This second process, also called seeding, puts much more responsibility in the hands of a single player as they tie it in with the extant lead.

Select psychics have wondered at the valuation spread of the Kaleidoscope Masterclass cards and how the evaluation process works.

Great question. After midnight, when all the land is asleep, I gather together three members of the Kaleidoscope Masterclass Cabal to tirelessly opine on each and every card welcomed into the set. Basing their opinions on card ridiculousness and projected versatility in interpretation, each card is given a “rare,” “uncommon,” “common,” or “basic land” rating. As that the Kaleidoscope Masterclass cards are written by real story game professionals, there are over twice as many rare cards as any other value! Currently there’s also one “mythic rare” card which is totally fricking hilarious.

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