Majestic Dinosaurs!

Majestic Dinosaurs!

Imagine, if you will, spying dinosaurs through your spyglass as they roam free across the fields or across the room… Once you’re playing Majestic Dinosaurs, this leap of imagination becomes a short step!

It’s likely that you’ve come to this Web Site due to attending Now Play This in London, or perhaps Fastaval in Northern Denmark. Welcome! It’s good to have you! I bet you’d expect a bit of a rundown of the game, and then perhaps the ability to purchase a pdf. Well here’s a quote talking up Majestic Dinosaurs:

“It’s just so intuitive.”

-Laura H., child of the 80’s, London.

And here’s the rundown:
20-200 players.
Plays in the background of a large event, in small moments over a day or weekend.
You’ll like it if you like dinosaurs, spotting them, identifying them or identifying as them; and perhaps if you’ve never quite properly grown up.

11 pages, with page size varying. Most of the rules necessary to play would fit on your hand, and the game includes guidelines for facilitation.
PDF only.

And here’s where you’d find the purchase button, right?
But I’m afraid it’s only available through my patreon at the moment, at which you pledge to give me a little tip for every little game I make, which to date is not more than once a month. I make games which are silly, or games which are quietly searching for something hard to find words for. Once you pledge you’ll get access to a backlog of story games and games for running around and all sorts of things.
Anyway. Thanks for your interest in Majestic Dinosaurs, and have a ROOOOOOOOOAAAARing day!

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