Monsterhearts Second Skins

Monsterhearts Second Skins

Work on my six-Skin expansion for Avery Mcdaldno (formerly Joe Mcdaldno)’s excellent game Monsterhearts is well underway. Due to the overwhelming response from Monsterhearts’ global audience, I’ve expanded the project to include a book of insights, variations and MC advice titled What Big Teeth You Have, as well as many PDF-exclusive wonders inspired by Monsterhearts, many by myself and many more by celebrated designers who share my love of Avery’s creation.

After the Second Skins project has been completed and the backers of the crowd-funding campaign have enjoyed their experience of being first-come and thus first-served, both the print and PDF versions will become available here.

As a taste, here’s the recently revised version of the Selkie, an aquatic, homesick Skin I made for Avery’s initial release of Monsterhearts. Download and enjoy!

The Selkie (PDF)

So wait – what is Monsterhearts?

“Monsterhearts lets you and your friends create stories about sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles. When you play, you explore the terror and confusion that comes both with growing up and feeling like a monster.” -Avery Mcdaldno

Monsterhearts includes ten different types of monsters for players to portray (the vampire, the werewolf, the fae, the ghoul, and so on) which are also types of teenagers. In the terminology of the game, these are called Skins. Check out Monsterhearts here.

I’ve been deeply inspired by Avery and their game, and by the many trailing threads of Monsterhearts’ system which allow for new material to be easily woven into the existing structure. Whereas I usually create games that are tight and self-contained, Monsterhearts provides an opportunity to build and riff off of a pre-existing series of powerful mechanical systems, which uphold their fiction wonderfully.

Currently the Second Skins themselves are available only to those who backed the Kickstarter to fund them, and much of the wider project of the Second Skins (additional material promised through the Kickstarter) is still underway. The Skins will become available for public purchase in the Autumn of 2014, with select material from the wider project available for purchase after.

Here’s a link to the completed crowd-funding campaign if you’d like to learn more about the trajectory of the Monsterhearts Second Skins:

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