Launch Day, Part One

Launch Day, Part One

Hey there, friends!
I’ve got a new game that I want to share with you, for free! I’ve made it in celebration of my recently begun Patreon campaign, which is an online funding website through which folks who enjoy my work can become my patrons – that is, set up their account to give me a tip each month that I’m actively producing small and beautiful things. Mostly it’ll be games or game-related stuff, but there’s a bunch of other stuff in the works, too. All that will be explained on my actual Patreon page, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was reading some articles about Patreon usage, and one recommended that you “launch within your platform,” which is to say, if you’re a webcomic artist, make a comic about it. If you’re a videoblogger, talk about it in your videos. But, uh, I predominantly make analog story games.

So, uh…

Here it is!

Launch Day!

In this game we take on the roles of suburban homeowners in their 30’s and 40’s who’ve spotted a small settlement with weird architecture way up in the sky, improbably perched on a cloud. Naturally, we’ve decided to build a rocket ship in one of our garages that’ll take two of us up there to say hello, and as we build it, we hear all sorts of hopes and assumptions from our neighbors about what kind of people they must be, living up there.

So, full disclosure, this is Launch Day, Part One: Asphalt Walkers. It’s a full and complete 3-4 hour game that brings us to the moment of liftoff. It’s totally fun on its own! (And you can play it without reading it first, though you’ll need pens for the 4-5 players and some scissors) …But it does have a companion – a continuation game that lets us walk around on the cloud itself, and meet who lives there. Launch Day, Part Two will be available to my patrons on October 23rd, the day I make my Patreon page public… Launch Day.

Enjoy the game!

Launch Day, Part Two needs a little more time! I’m trying to do some very special things with Part Two, things that have proven snaggier that I first anticipated. Launch Day, Part Two is now officially being shelved until the Monsterhearts Second Skins project is completed in its entirety. Thanks for your patience!

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