Anna, the Miller’s Daughter

Anna, the Miller’s Daughter

A simple piece-by-piece storytelling game for for one or two, perhaps to distract one during a bus ride, or to help two bond in the evening after a meal.

For 1 or 2 players.
Plays in 10 minutes to an hour.
You’ll like it if you like picture books, cute manga about families, fairy tales, simple games, solitaire games, elegance, daydreaming.
12 page booklet, 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/4.
Cover art by Kate Slaymaker.
You tell a story about Anna and her day-to-day adventures in her little town, and while doing so, you gradually draw a map of the town that she lives in. It’s fun because you’re doing two things at once but they’re still easy to do, and you get to take a little break from what’s going on around you and make up a story about a normal girl in a simple village.
Though not explicitly a kid’s game, Anna is a pleasant example of a young woman with agency for parents and guardians who seek those.
The booklet is available as a part of Passerine Collection “Duet” (two booklets, the other one being Temper) for $8 plus shipping.

Price: $8.00

You can also purchase “Duet” alongside its sister collection “Baguette” in the store and save a little on shipping.

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