This is a personal betterment game.
Play this game in parenthesis to your actual life. Through it, you will make your skin stronger and your edge keener. Your way will become more certain.

1 player.
Play in few-minute increments over several weeks or months.
You’ll like it if you like In Training The Templar, Superbetter, marking your progress, overcoming your demons, point-buy systems like GURPS or Weight Watchers.
16 page booklet, 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/4.
Featuring illustrations by Kate Slaymaker.
When you get angry, you are awarded a point. Spend your points for effects in the game.

“I love Temper. It reminds me of Buddhist meditations on compassion. Unlocking taking a walk is great, with higher levels being deeper reflection.”

-Emily Care Boss, tabletop role playing and live action role playing game designer.


“I found it really inspiring. … Right now I have a whole storm about it going on in my head.”

-Abi Nighthill, alternate reality game designer.

The booklet is available as a part of Passerine Collection “Duet” (two booklets, the other one being Anna, the Miller’s Daughter) for $8 plus shipping.

Price: $8.00

You can also purchase “Duet” alongside another small games collection, “Baguette,” in the store and save a little on shipping.

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