Patreon Treasures

My Patreon page is available at

Via that page kind folks can opt to tip me a little cash for each small game I complete. I don’t have a job beyond game publishing, and the tips keep my bills in order as I continue bringing these gems into the world. In return my patrons get access to those games as they are completed as well as a few other rewards for higher pledges. It’s a bit like a subscription: I make one or two new things a month, and they’re always surprises.

My esteemed patrons include:

Adam the Mender, Adam Vass, It’s the little things, A*, Hair stylist to ms. anthropy, Bay, Sandbank Diner, Bryant ‘Dante’ Stone, Camilla, Charlie X, Chris Angelini, Her Eminence Corrin Elizabeth, your darling Margaret, Devon Breithart Bazaar Returner, Vice Telepath Eric Fattig, Evan Silberman, Fred Lott, Madu, Greg Sanders, Harry Lee, Engulfed in James, Jamie ‘Jamie’ Fristrom, Jason Wodicka, Jay Loomis, Rainbow the Spectromancer, Joe Beason, John geary, John Powell, Jon Bristow, Jon ‘Van’ Robertson, Jonathan Jung Johansen, J. Walton, Josh Laison, Josh T Jordan, June & Mike Garcia, Marcus Hawaiianus, Karen Twelves, Kythryn Hymys, The Fuzziest Kitty, A Second Brief Catapult, Laurel Halbany, Lester Ward, Lyndsay the Employee of the Month at the Selfie Factory, Matt/Fred, Matthew Klein, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, Mai-kun, Max Saltonstall, Galactic Impersonator Noam Rosen, Nynne Rasmussen, Literally Patrick Brannick, Prettyboy Paul and the Barrel Gulch Gang, Paul K, Phil ‘Wiseacre’ Hanley, Rachel Comicbookeater, Randy Lubin, Rick Dean, BB-8, Sara Quinn~ Squid Wrangler, Satora, Sean Nittner, Shervyn, Sildoenfein, Simon Steen Hansen, Stras ‘Consulting Designer’ Acimovic, The Fifth World, Vanessa Geekgirl, The Wylde Sage of Venn, Vincent Baker, Walter German, William deMoniker, The Indisputable Will, and Admiral Yoshi of the Forever Dodecahedron!

Some completed treasures available to the public: