Patreon Treasures

My Patreon Page Is Available At

Via that page, kind folks can opt to tip me a little cash for each small game I publish. Since I don’t have a non-game-publishing job, these tips keep my bills in order as I continue bringing these gems into the world. Enjoy!

My Esteemed Patrons Include

Bay, Chris Angelini, Clayton @ Laboratory, Colin Peacock, Vice Telepath Eric Fattig, Evan Silberman, Fred Lott, Madu, Gavin White, Greg Sanders, Hannahlandia, Harry Lee, Jamie ‘Jamie’ Fristrom, Admiral Fuzzyface & Madame Feisty, Jason Wodicka, Jay Loomis, Jenn the 90 year old tree, The Fuzziest Kitty, John Harper, John Powell, Jon ‘Van’ Robertson, Jonathan Jung Johansen, J. Walton, Josh T Jordan, Kythryn Hymys, Laurel Halbany, Lester Ward, Matthew Klein, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, My Yysyær, Nathan Black, Galactic Impersonator Noam Rosen, Mint Knoll Conduction Agency, Olivier Drouet, Phil ‘Wiseacre’ Hanley, Rachel Comicbookeater, Roe Nix, Sean Nittner, Stras ‘Consulting Designer’ Acimovic, Tony Dowler, Vincent Baker, The Indisputable Will, and Captain Yoshi of the Forever Sphere!

Treasures Funded Include

  • Rememberers
  • (Character creation game. A child finds another world and leaves this one.)

  • Glitch Iteration
  • (Introspection game. Many copies of the same uncertain person in a digital world.)

  • How we are like the storm
  • (Map game. Two travelers journey to meet in the middle, players paint on one another’s forearms.)

  • Dial
  • (200 word RPG. How much are you willing to endanger someone to benefit culture and art?)

Some works will find other homes on the web, those without links here are available to patrons via the patreon site.

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