Patreon Treasures

My Patreon page is available at

Via that page kind folks can opt to tip me a little cash for each small game I complete. I don’t have a job beyond game publishing, and the tips keep my bills in order as I continue bringing these gems into the world. In return my patrons get access to those games as they are completed as well as a few other rewards for higher pledges. It’s a bit like a subscription: I make one or two new things a month, and they’re always surprises.

My esteemed patrons include:

Hair stylist to ms. anthropy, Bay, Sandbank Diner, Chris Angelini, Clayton @ Laboratory, Colin Peacock, Vice Telepath Eric Fattig, Evan Silberman, Fred Lott, Madu, Gavin White, Greg Sanders, Hannahlandia, Harry Lee, Jamie ‘Jamie’ Fristrom, Admiral Fuzzyface & Madame Feisty, Jason Wodicka, Jay Loomis, Jenn the 90 year old tree, Rainbow the Spectromancer, The Fuzziest Kitty, John Harper, John Powell, Jon ‘Van’ Robertson, Jonathan Jung Johansen, J. Walton, Josh T Jordan, Karen Twelves, Kythryn Hymys, Laurel Halbany, Lester Ward, Matthew Klein, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, Mike, My Yysyær, Nathan Black, Galactic Impersonator Noam Rosen, Nynne Rasmussen, Mint Knoll Conduction Agency, Olivier Drouet, Peter Fallesen, Phil ‘Wiseacre’ Hanley, Rachel Comicbookeater, Roe Nix, Sean Nittner, Simon Steen Hansen, Stras ‘Consulting Designer’ Acimovic, Tony Dowler, Vincent Baker, The College of Mythic Cartography, The Indisputable Will, and Captain Yoshi of the Forever Sphere!

Some completed treasures available to the public:

    • The Thrashing
    • Thank You Kindly
    • Baba Zubi’s Missing Pet (to be released Sept 27th)
    • Lil Shooter (to be released Oct 4th)
    • Unverifiably Remarkable Fauna (to be released Oct 11th)