Baba Zubi’s Missing Pet [pdf]


Walk through a normal neighborhood which is now simultaneously a strange woodland. Can you help Baba Zubi find her missing pet? Read the posters stapled to telephone poles, collect some items, ask yourself some hard questions, and try to complete your quest!

For 1 player or hundreds of players. It’s a Stroll Your Own Adventure!


This is a game in which players stroll around a play area encompassing a few square blocks, encountering little posters reminiscent of lost dog notices or offers of computer help. The poster pages in the game each have a strange being or interesting situation the player encounters in a world of fantasy make-believe. The players, either those you invite or people just walking by, can collect items, answer questions for themselves, and perhaps succeed in the game’s quest.

Kid friendly! Non-competitive! Not a puzzle! 

It’s a Stroll Your Own Adventure!

For 1 to 30 players, invited or serendipitous. With poster stacking: hundreds of players.
Play takes about an hour, depending on how far apart the facilitator/installer pins the posters. 


“I found Baba Zubi’s missing pet, and Baba Zubi introduced me to a new friend and landed me my dream job. You might think that making deals with witches is ill-advised, but you’d be wrong!”

-Jory Bowers, woodland wanderer


“This was a wonderful low-key date! We held hands, we had an adventure, we met magical creatures, and we had lovely conversational prompts every time we met a new inhabitant of the magical forest! It was a charming and delightful, easily scalable up or down afternoon.”

-Zia Dawn, dancer and adventurer


“Searching for Baba Zubi’s Missing Pet was such fun! A great combo of detective work and scavenger hunt. Easy to spot fellow players in the neighborhood: swordplay, invisible beasts and oh, those witches! Played it with my son, and we LOVED it!”

-Terri Cohlene, explorer and children’s author


Pages 8.5” x 11”
20 black & white illustrations and dozens of spot illustrations by Marla Ggruget, Sage, and Jackson.
Includes 1 file with these sections:
• Rules, 2 pgs.
• Posters, 20pgs.