Danksgiving [pdf]


It’s 2015. Tell the story of how the employees at the first legal marijuana dispensary in Ashland, Oregon, held a giant Autumnal feast, with different strains of weed artistically baked into or paired with individual dishes. 

A 3 & 1/2 hour tabletop role-playing game in which 3 or 4 players can laugh and joke about pot, humanity, retail, expectations, answers to the big questions, and a lot of other things.


An historical game, set in the state of Oregon, 2015, the year weed became legal there. You play as the employees of a new dispensary in the Shakespeare-obsessed town of Ashland. Your boss left town for the big Colonialist-American Feasting Holiday and saddled you with fulfilling one of her store-launching Kickfunder rewards:

Make a feast, and pair strains of weed to individual dishes like some kind of  marijuana sommelier. Guess what, the Kickfunder backers will be here tomorrow. 

420 blaze it

Featuring 3 acts crammed full of timed scenes and a shared cast of over a dozen characters (most of whom your group will make up mid-scene), Danksgiving delivers a tight, silly, hilarious tabletop role-playing experience wrapped in a misinformed lampooning of “420 culture” (written by someone who doesn’t even know his way around a bong). 

3 or 4 players.
About 3 & 1/2 hours.


“dear lord”

-Brodie Atwater, game designer, friend, and facebook friend



Pages 8.5” x 11”
Colour cover image by Bonghit Collective.
Includes 1 file with these sections:
• Rules, 4 pgs.
• Character stands, 3 pgs.
• Scene cards, 3 pgs.
• Additional play sheets, 4 pgs.