Eyeless Smile [pdf]


A hairy, gloopy, slice-of-life role-playing game about change and mutation in a weird fantasy world.

Yes, mutation. Constant mutation, in which your body is ever shifting. Like real life only more so.

Content note: body stuff, background sexual content. 


Play your characters through their regular days, as they go to work, select gourds, have conversations at home, sift through the pile of stuff, and so on. So very similar to our own lives, and yet… the world is strange.

You all live in the same building. The building is a hundred feet tall, and alive, and bipedal, and mobile, and you live together in one of the strange caves burrowed into its torso. No stairs or elevator, you’ve got to scale the outside of the building to get in or out. There are other beings in some of its other caves, but you don’t talk to them much. There are, of course, many other buildings all around you.

All of the food you eat is found in gourds and melons. Different gourds or melons have very different flavours and nutritional values. Also, melons or gourds from the same plant have limited-distance walkie-talkie capabilities while the fruit is still fresh.

You all work at the same job, chasing birds away from dead animals who wish to rot in peace. The dead animals, your employers, also run away from you.

3 to 5 players.
3 to 5 hours per session, 1 to 3 sessions.


“This gourd, so succulent, so strange. An unfamiliar flavor but not an unpleasant one. What mutant juices flow from it?”
-Veles Svitlychny

“You don’t often get a chance to throw your stinky maggot fruit at your zombie animal masters, but when you do, you’re playing Eyeless Smile.”
-Sythana Winterthorn


Pages 8.5” x 11”
Includes 1 file with these sections:
• Rules, 2 pgs.
• Play sheets, 2 pgs.
• Chorus and Verse sheets, 7 pgs.
• Print & play cards, 12 pgs (including card backs).