Lil Shooter [pdf]


A domestic horror larp.

A toddler finds a gun in their home.
Can dad take it away before…?

Four players.
Gameplay about 1 minute.


A game about a gun in the home.

In which 3 players simultaneously portray the emotional state of a toddler who has just found their father’s gun. The fourth player, dad, tries to take the gun out of his young child’s hands before one’s life ends and the other’s is forever altered.

Includes guidelines for playing it in your living room and for large group facilitation, four at a time. Yes, you’ll need balloons.

4 players.
Gameplay about 1 minute, a few minutes to set up.
I bet you’ll want to play multiple rounds.


“Thrillingly anxiety-inducing. A game that will hopefully create real change.”

-Orion Canning, playtester


“A little bit scary.”

-Robert Bruce, playtester


Pages are 8.5” x 11”
Includes 1 file with these sections:
• Cover (5.5″ x 8.5”)
• Rules & Frequently Asked Questions, 2 pgs
• Role overview sheets, 2 pgs