Thank You Kindly [pdf]


Two players. Two characters: one of them is an echo of Red Riding Hood and the other an echo of the Wolf. Who’s who? Play to find out!

The long-awaited convention hit, now accompanied by hard-won facilitation notes!


The characters of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf are iconic – repeated throughout literature and embodied throughout history. We’ll play through a snapshot of two people at a chance meeting, working together to play with the question of who’s who – which of these is Red in this situation, and which is the Wolf?

Thank You Kindly is a very small 2-player game which plays in about ten minutes. It gains nuance and momentum when played repeatedly in one sitting. There’s no competition, but there is some collaboration strategy.

The long-awaited convention hit, now accompanied by hard-won facilitation notes to play as a group of 30, in shifting pairs

2 players / 8-30 players
10 minutes / 2 hours


“This game is absolutely beautiful. Got some of my theater friends hooked, and it’s just cool to whip out.”

-Jonathan Jung Johansen, patron


“The perfect note to start the convention with. It made me think about and observe my actions towards others for the rest of the convention in a careful and (I hope) considerate way. Jackson ran the room very, very well, keeping us all focused and helping lead the way through the discussion. It was a delightful little structured freeform, and I enjoyed every round.”

-Anonymous player feedback from Big Bad Con 2016


“I played this several times in one sitting, and enjoyed the format… It led to some interesting small talks and reflections with people I didn’t know that well… Loved it!”

-Ole Peder Giaever, co-designer of Itras By


Pages 5.5” x 8.5”, in spreads
Colour cover and title spots by Jory Bowers.
Includes 1 file with these sections:
• Cover / credits, 2 pgs.
• Rules, 2 pgs.
• Facilitation guidelines, 3 pgs.