Silver and white

Silver and white

Four suburban teenagers encounter the mystery that will shape their lives. They explore, and each time they touch, we players exchange cards. For them a few days, for us a few hours. We make up a story together, our invented truths springing from the cards we hold; and they step into the unknown, pausing at every awkward touch, hopeful despite everything to come.

“This game represents more or less where the cutting edge of freeform tabletop design is right now.”

-Jonathan Walton, author of Geiger Counter and Metrofinal.

This story is about personal change. It expects to be played by people who want to experience vicarious transformation, and hopes to help those people reach into themselves and connect with feelings of uncertainty, longing, and exhilaration. It is slow, and careful; and fast and reckless. It is about feeling powerless and then encountering possibilities. It is about questions, and the mystery.

“Do I think that it’s perfect? No. Do I think that it’s way more advanced than any other concept when it comes to shared gaming? Yes.”
-Drew Henderson, author of One Of A Kind and the Ammo series.

This game provides a framework for telling a story with each other. You get a rich starting situation to jump off from, and the tools to navigate shared and improvised story creation. You get to walk around in an imaginary person’s shoes and see what parts of yourself shine through. You get to watch your friends speak as other people. You get to honestly pretend to be a teenager, make up cool stuff, and hear your friends tell what they imagine. 

“I can’t get it out of my mind… The form is excellent, the game demonstrates excellent pedagogy of play… This is presently the number one game on my to-play list.”

-Wilhelm Person, author of While the World Ends and The Daughters of Verona.

Where it stands now

The most recent version, not presently available, is called “next winter.” There have been subtle and delicate tweaks to some of the rules. If you’ve played a previous version, it would be prudent to pay close attention.

Queued behind the Monsterhearts Second Skins project, Silver and white will soon be entering its fifth round of playtesting, which will be private. Sorry about that.

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