What These Are

As we laugh or cry together,  
as we are moved by a story,
each brief, precious moment
through which we grow or transform
becomes a memory to take with us
a photograph of lightning.

On this site you’ll find guidebooks to create marvelous experiences: some silly, some poignant, and some with other things besides. The activities you’ll undertake as you follow the guidebooks are in some ways like games, insomuch as there is an element of play, a simplified worldview, and a structure which has its own rules to be followed. Most often the experiences will be for a handful of participants and last twenty minutes to a couple of hours.

But in other ways these are not games at all. While there may be luck involved, the goal of play is not to use the mechanics to win, but instead to use the mechanics to experience something together – perhaps telling a story, or feeling some curated emotions – in a way that is satisfying to all. They are collaborative, engaging, ritualistic, creative, and freeing.

There are many of us in the world making these things, but we’re still figuring out what to call them. 

Are they for kids?

Not generally. But perhaps you know some kids who enjoy using their imaginations, who are pretty good at staying focussed, listening to others, and playing fair. Those kids might get a lot out of these kinds of games. Use your discretion about whether a particular game is appropriate, just like you would when selecting a movie.