Who and Why

Jackson Tegu makes stories that you can play and games that help you tell stories. He does this constantly.

He believes very strongly that networks of friends are a way to create both healthy individuals and healthy communities. His own networks of friends, which include some of his family members, have helped him celebrate the wonders of life despite returning depressions and life’s various challenges.

Most of his closest friendships involve collaboratively making up stories together.

When you make up stories together, believes Jackson, you get the opportunity to explore topics that don’t come up in regular conversation. And you get to glimpse deep truths about yourself, and perhaps about your friends as well. Experiences such as those delivered by these games have intensified Jackson’s friendships. That’s why he wants you to play them too.

He dances and writes along the West coast of North America and other liminal spaces. He speaks about and facilitates games internationally.